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Our Pricing

In business, transparency and trustworthiness go hand in hand. Trustworthiness is a building block of any relationship, and transparency is the foundation of that trust.

Cost transparency enhances communication as it allows our customers to have a better understanding of our products and services.

At New World Collections we believe pricing should be straight forward and transparent while providing a great ROI. This is what we aim to accomplish with our competitive pricing options below.


Keep 75% pay 25%
  • Management of accounts
  • Letter and phone calls
  • Credit reporting
  • Skip tracing and Bancruptcy scrubs
  • Litigation, judgments, liens and garnishments (as needed)
  • Request A Consultation


Keep 100% of amount collected
  • Billed, never pre-paid
  • Immediate implementation
  • 30 day collection process
  • Option to suspend
  • After 30 days account is placed on 35% consignment, you keep 65%
  • Request A Consultation